One of my current obsessions, Pisco is a Peruvian grape brandy, made from first-pressed grapes. From the ground to grapes to juice, fermented then distilled direct to alcohol grade. Could be nothing purer nor more complicated. For me though, despite the obvious side-benefits of enjoying the drink, the real character of the spirit comes from the spirit of the land, it’s people and their culture.

Trying to capture the beauty in simple relationships – grapes to land; sun to water; mountains to sea; history to change; passion to business; people to culture – and their impact in this culture has been an enlightening process for me as an outsider with tremendous contacts and privileges in this small world. Founding the Museo del Pisco has opened doors to new worlds for me, and as a photographer I’ve claimed it as my duty to share those places with others. All that I love about Peru, the culture of Pisco and the people that characterize it comes to a fruition with the clink of a cup and a round smile that smells of earnest intent and shared moments.


June 17, 2016